Wishbone Club provides an exciting platform for you to connect & engage with your Members – spurring positive interactions with your brand and resources – beyond moments of care.
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    Turn your members to fans
    Wishbone Club delivers lively, fun and rewarding experiences for your Members to connect with your brand – on a daily basis. Often, the only time Members think of their health insurer is when they aren’t feeling well or when they are completing forms & awaiting payment. Wishbone Club provides personalized opportunities for Members to explore the full range of your solutions while they’re having fun,  winning prizes.
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    Drive fans to your services
    Wishbone Club provides personalized engagement paths – specifically designed to increase adoption of your services – to help Members get the most out of their benefits there by increasing the value of their relationship with you. Plus, the app learns as Members make choices – providing faster paths to the specific resources and services they want and need most.
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    Foster health consciousness
    As your Members play games on the app, they will actively improve the choices they make, including day-to-day  health habits, as well as more in-depth solutions to meet their specific lifestyle goals.
    You have great information and services for your Members; we have a fun way to make those connections.
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